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10 Things That Matter While You Learn Graphic Designing

Are you someone who has just begun to learn graphic designing? Or someone who had a basic course in graphic design but still feels lost while trying to create something? 

Well, worry not! Just take a deep breath and keep reading to relax your mind and learn some proven ways to begin with.

Graphic Design is a vast field with so much to learn about its history, principles, concepts, tools and even the language that the pro designers speak. Yes, we know how you feel with questions going on and on in your head like, Why can’t I design when I know the software? I read about these principles but why can’t I figure out how to use them in my work? What is up with this colour palette? Why does everything look so messy?

Here’s a list of 10 things that matter when you are learning graphic designing or are in the early phase of your career:

1. Dig Into History

You use these niche tools and softwares for preparing your designs but did you give it a thought that how did people do it before when computers weren’t so common and imagine a world without Photoshop and Illustrator?

Start reading about the origin of the art form, famous designers and their most celebrated works. Trust us, you will find some super amazing facts about the history of graphic design and that could be a great way to start learning about it. It will help you understand the phases that it has gone through and you never know, maybe you’ll find something that inspires you.

2. Social Media Exploration

Yes! A big yes to using Social Media for exploring and appreciating the works of other graphic designers. Understanding the current trends is super important and pays off really well. Look up for the best graphic designers in the present times whose work influenced the entire industry. Follow them on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Behance, Dribble and try to understand the layers and concepts used in their works as you fall in love with them. Please check our Instagram for regular updates.

3. Use Your Interest As Your Strength

Oh no, learning is not limited to books or resources and definitely not when it comes to a creative field like graphic designing. We know how boring it gets to read about all the complex terminologies and concepts in books and the worst part is that it might still leave you super confused and clueless. We get it and do not recommend it.

Instead, try studying the designs that catch your eye right away while you learn graphic designing. Just keep your eyes open, design is literally everywhere around you. Pick the one that interests you and start dissecting its layers and maybe try recreating it. Doing something that you like is one of the best ways to learn.

4. Believe In Your Creativity

We know that a lot of designers obsess about the tools they use. They might ask you to consider mastering them as the only thing that’s important but do not fall for it. Yes, the tools are important but do remember that they are just a means to express your ideas. The core of your design is your creativity and clarity of basics. Believe in yourself and let the creativity flow.

5. Get The Basics Right

Your life will become easy once you have a clear understanding of the basic concepts used in every design. Learn about the importance of key concepts like negative space (white space), typography, alignment, font selection, colour scheme, kerning etc. Try the hands-on approach of learning  and questioning how it enhances your work. Having a good mentor will definitely make this both easy and interesting at the same time.

6. Give Yourself Mock Projects

Don’t just stop with the small number of tasks that are assigned to you but take a step ahead and assign design projects and challenges to yourself to polish your skills. You might feel that you are not ready for them and it’s okay to have such doubts. Take a leap of faith and start working on new projects and ideas.

7. Socialise With Other Designers

You will feel a different kind of energy once you start socialising with designers (both professional and amateur) and meet the ones who understand you. Join design groups (global or local), attend events and build your network of creatives in the field. This network will not just help you to improve your art, be inspired from others’ works but will prove fruitful in exploring new opportunities in the long run.

8. Learn Design Terminology

We just wish that you haven’t still been in a conversation with designers where they speak in a language of their own filled with design terminologies that simply go over your head! Well, let’s just accept the fact that the design field has its own lingo that sooner or later you will have to learn. As mentioned above you can try socialising with people from the field and start reading about them in the meanwhile to get a hack of it. 

9. Share Your Work

We understand that you have just begun to learn graphic designing but that doesn’t mean that you’ll keep all your creative designs to yourself. Share your works on social media, design platforms or maybe send it to designers that you look upto. You might find some extremely supportive artists out there who would appreciate your work and provide you  with suggestions to take it to the next level. 

10. Get Feedback

Well let’s just straight away cut to the chase. Every artist needs positive feedback to create something better than their last work and so do graphic designers. Share your work with other designers that have more experience in the field and simply ask them for an honest opinion. No, we are not asking you to take all the suggestions provided and revamp your work but once you’ve had their feedback, think about them, try some of them and see what works best with your original ideas. 

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes, art is knowing which ones to keep.”     – Scott Adams

Let’s check what Rashi Gupta wants to say after she Learn Graphic Designing from us on YouTube.

It is just the beginning and you’re going to be absolutely fine as long as you believe in yourself. Stop overthinking and procrastinating, just get started and things will fall in place and if you ever need any help, just know that we are here for you.

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