Kick start your career in graphic design

How to kick start your career in graphic design?

Graphic design is a field with multiple opportunities and challenges at the same time. The challenges could be anything like lack of software skills, job opportunities, inspiration or knowing which discipline you want to pursue. Don’t let these problems stop you from becoming a graphic designer. Here are a few tips that could help you start your career and keep going.


Start with a Formal Course

Getting your degree from a design college or institute will not only add to your CV but will also help in strengthening your understanding of the fundamentals of design. A deeper understanding of the field will give your more clarity in selecting your specialization.


Research and Act

To have a clearer understanding of the field, start with a detailed research and study of the greatest works done by other designers and the current market trends. With knowledge of both the past and the present, you can start by designing what’s needed now and start acting upon it.


Do it Today

There’s no better way to really know what works best for you than to start working today. No matter how clueless you feel just start making some designs based on your vague ideas and shape it up as you keep working on it. Procrastination never does any good.


The right time to be a Freelancer

It’s never too early to be a freelancer. Understanding your clients problems and providing him with solutions will give you the real sense of the current scenario along with some money. Start by taking small projects and keep polishing your skills.


Socialise with graphic designers

Engaging in conversations with people from your field will allow you to learn new things. They will understand what you are going through and could possibly provide you with a healthy support. More than that, it will definitely open more doors for you to grow.


Keep Practising

Don’t stop. Take a short break and start practising again to achieve what you really seek. Practise on new software, styles, colours or your weak areas whenever you get an opportunity to.


Showcase your Work

Don’t be a critique of your own work. Show it to other designers or participate in events to get a real feedback. You can also share your work on social media platforms regularly to build an online presence.


Believe in yourself

As an artist it is essential to believe in yourself and the work you do. With every failure comes an opportunity to succeed.

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